bare. holiday aromas

enjoy the holidays this 2019 season with our holiday aromas and scents. from glass cleaner to foaming hand soap, to full purpose multi-cleaners. get your holiday packages today. all natural. chemical free. environmentally safe.

bare. cleaning essentials. candy cane lane

do you enjoy the pleasant aromas of peppermint? visit us at the miss’es clean market place and try our scent station.

hoilday hand soap. foam pump. and essential oils

enjoy the aromas of peppermint, gingerbread  and pine. check out our full line of essential oils

oh sweet baby jesus. multipurpose cleaner and essential oil

experience frankencense, myrrh and gold. (citrus)

oh christmas tree. hand soap foam pump and essential oils

try our very grounding scent. we use only therapeutic grade oils.

candy cane. line spray and glass cleaner

streak free glass-cleaner and long lasting aromas that linger nicely on freshly clean fabrics

gingerbread. hand soap foam pump

if you enjoyed our season psl hand foamer. then wait to you try our freshly created gingerbread. you will be licking your fingers.

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