about. bare. cleaning essentials

using natural ingredients such as coconut oil, distilled vinegar and certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils

we don’t only make things beautiful, we make them work great as well.

Rachel has always had a passion for cleaning. when she made the switch to natural cleaning products, her goal was to create an environment for her clients to come home to that was stress-free and safe from toxins.

bare. story

bare. was created in 2017 as a safe and effective cleaning alternative to avoid the harmful effects of chemical cleaners.

as a believer in living clean, Rachel took the leap and created her own line of natural cleaning products.

bare. in the community

Rachel is all about giving back to those who have helped bring her chemical free products to those who may need it most. it is people who wish to make a change in their own daily lives that a community is formed. join the bare movement, become a part of our community.

bare. home party

forget tupperware! Have your own cleaning products party. Rachel will bring the wine herself with great gifts going to the hostess or her charity of choice.

bare. fundraising

are you a group, or organization, that is looking to raise funds as well help your community become chemical free?  our bare essentials fundraising is for you.

bare. distribution

with 10 distribution centres across ontario now, we need you to help us expand our chemical free products. great wholesale packages await you. call us.

live chemical free

Rachel hopes to remove all toxic chemicals in each home. make the switch to natural cleaning products. help create an environment that is stress-free and safe from toxins.



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