bare. cleaning essentials

our products were created to clean. our theraputic grade essential oil blends create a space worthy to you. when you choose bare. cleaning essentials you make the switch to natural cleaning products. you create a home or work environment that is completely stress-free and completely safe from toxins. our products use only canadian ingrediants. hand crafted, packaged and distrubuted from our offices in niagara, ontario, canada.

hand sanitizer gel by bare - it's minty fresh

This product is school safe! Rinse-free formula. Formulated with 70% alcohol and packed with the benefits of bare.’s custom essential oil blend. It is  a perfect on-the-go sanitizer that clips on to backpacks, keys and handbags.


bare cleaning essentials - Hand Sanitizer Gel Minty Fresh 2oz - 5 pack - clean with bare

bare. cleaning essentials original blend and scent

bare / ber / adjective – clean . simple . pure . bare. cleaning essentials original product line is manufactured with all canadian ingrediants. locally hand crafted in niagara, ontario, canada.


bare. cleaning essentials citrus bliss

welcome a citrus sweet explosion for that contains an uplifting positive aroma that truly adds freshness to every surface you touch. this product line contains antibacterial properties.


citrus bliss - full product line - clean with bare
lavender eucalyptus - full product line - clean with bare

bare. cleaning essentials lavender eucalyptus

enjoy a fresh lavender blended with balsamic, woody undertones. this product is infused with lavender and eucalyptus essential oil for a calm and relaxing cleaning .


bare. cleaning essentials lemon grass

leaving a citrus aroma with earthy undertones. enjoy as this product relieves stress, anxiety and depression, not to mention acts as a deodorizer, with antibacterial and cleansing properties.

lemon grass - full product line - clean with bare
rosemary mint - full product line - clean with bare

bare. cleaning essentials rosemary mint

do you enjoy a fresh, woody, herbal scent blended with minty sweetness? this product line is Infused with rosemary and spearmint essential oil to keep you focused and tackle cleaning like a pro!


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