Citrus Bliss Foaming Hand Soap – 250ml



Citrus Bliss Foaming Hand Soap – 250ml.

Product Name – Citrus Bliss Foaming Hand Soap

Size of Product – 250ml.

Price per Product – $10.50

Product Description – Just like our moisturizing hand soap but in a foaming pump. Citrus Bliss Foaming Hand Soap – 250ml was created to safely and effectively clean your hands naturally. Use our hand soap to moisturize your skin, without any harmful effects. It is 100% natural with no harsh chemicals.

Citrus Bliss:

  • A citrus sweet explosion for an uplifting positive aroma
  • Adds freshness
  • Antibacterial properties

Product Ingredients – Water. Distilled vinegar. Alcohol. Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils: Lemon. Lime. Wild orange. Grapefruit. Mandarin. Bergamot. Tangerine. Clementine. Vanilla absolute.

This product does come in a larger size. Place them in your shower or baths. Click Here to get our 16oz large size of Citrus Bliss foaming hand soap size.

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If it is a Citrus Biss Essential Oil you are specifically after, then click here for our bare. essential oils Citrus Bliss 15ml bottle that will add freshness to the air, leaving a positive uplifting aroma.


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