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Essential Oils (15mL)

Essential Oils (15mL)

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Essential Oil Blend

Time to make your home smell ahh-mazing with essential oils! Level up your space and embrace the benefits of aromatherapy with our essential oil blends for diffusing. No rocket science here - just nature doing its thing. Add a few drops to your diffuser, diffuse, and let the good vibes roll. It's that simple!

bare. cleaning essentials certified pure, therapy grade essential oils:

  • Bergamot - Citrusy and refreshing with floral undertones for vitality
  • Citrus Bliss - A citrus sweet explosion for an uplifting positive aroma
  • Eucalyptus - Fresh, cool and clearing to feel awake and refreshed
  • Frankincense - Warm and woody with hints of spice and citrus to feel grounded
  • Lavender - Floral and herbal to feel calm and balanced 
  • Lavender Eucalyptus - Fresh lavender blended with balsamic, woody undertones
  • Lemongrass – A citrusy, bright, and tang scent, reminiscent of fresh lemon with earthy undertones
  • Orange - Sweet, fruity and uplifting for warmth and positivity
  • Rosemary Mint - A fresh, woody, herbal scent blended with minty sweetness
  • Tea Tree - Fresh and medicinal with spicy undertones to purify and cleanse

For all other purposes, please consult with a Certified Aromatherapist.

100% natural and effective home cleaners and products with your body, your home, and the planet in mind.

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