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Citrus Bliss Window & Glass Cleaner (32oz)

Citrus Bliss Window & Glass Cleaner (32oz)

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A natural, non-toxic window and glass cleaner that leaves windows sparkling and streak-free. This is also a must- have in the home if you have pets or kids. This window and glass cleaner solution is also great for on non-wood items and laminate floors!

bare. cleaning essentials Citrus Bliss Essential Oil Blend:

  • A citrus sweet explosion for an uplifting positive aroma
  • Adds freshness
  • Antibacterial properties

Ingredients: water. distilled vinegar. rubbing alcohol. certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils: lemon. lime. wild orange. grapefruit. mandarin. bergamot. tangerine. clementine. vanilla absolute.

Handmade by bare. cleaning essentials. Eco-friendly and chemical-free products. 100% natural and effective home cleaners and products with your body, your home, and the planet in mind.

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