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Foaming Hand Soaps - 250mL (5 for $35)

Foaming Hand Soaps - 250mL (5 for $35)

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bare. cleaning essentials foaming hand soaps were created to safely and effectively clean your hands without any harsh chemicals. Made with high quality all natural ingredients and essential oils to clean and moisturize your hands and skin.

Foaming Hand Soaps are available in:

  • Citrus Bliss - A citrus sweet explosion for an uplifting positive aroma
  • Lavender Eucalyptus - Fresh lavender blended with balsamic, woody undertones
  • Rosemary Mint - A fresh, woody, herbal scent blended with minty sweetness

Ingredients: water. distilled vinegar. alcohol. certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Handmade by bare. cleaning essentials. Eco-friendly and chemical-free products. 100% natural and effective home cleaners and products with your body, your home, and the planet in mind.

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